New features 02/01/2021

I don’t know all the changes that have been made today, but here are the two I have run into so far:

LOVE “see uses” on artists credit, especially in an open edit. In fact, it has been applied retroactively (at least to recent edits), because it wasn’t available for a recent edit I made but is there in the history. Great idea. Something I thought would be nice to have but never mentioned.

Not a fan of being forced to enter a sort name for aliases. I mean, it is one more click, so it isn’t that big of a deal. But since I often enter foreign language aliases that I don’t know how to sort, I often just click the enter button and the sort name is auto filled. Enter button no longer works until I fill the sort.

Who else has seen what. Let us know.


The full list of changes are in the blog:

This is not explicitly mentioned, but the alias edit form was reworked. So maybe this was an unintentional change.


@reosarevok Looks like you worked on the alias form refactoring. Was making the sort name required intentional or can this be considered a bug?

Want it already mandatory, except for search hints?
I think it was, in my memory… :thinking:

It should be allowed to be left blank and then just copy the name. If it doesn’t, that’s a bug, will check.

Edit: yes, that’s a bug. Looking into it, thanks.

It was, but it would automatically assume “empty = copy name” :slight_smile:


Correct, search hints don’t require a sort. In fact, it is grayed out and you can’t enter one.
But all other options require one.

Even though I said I am not a fan, it is, IMO, not a big deal. It’s two more clicks (I initially said one, but it is two). I am not going to pull out their hair over it.

It’s usually one click, no?

  • For individuals: Guess case Guess case
  • For groups: Copy name Copy name

well, if I am doing a “sort field is same as alias field” -
old method - type the name and click ‘enter’ on my keyboard. very expedient.
new method - type the name. click copy name.
From there, I can’t click the enter key because it will activate the copy name feature again. So I have to either click the ‘enter edit’ button on the screen (which involves a screen scroll), or I can put the focus back on one of the name fields to click enter on my keyboard.

2 extra clicks either way.
First World Problems.

I’d tab to the button, press enter, tab back, press enter, but still :slight_smile: It’s a bug, sent code to fix it, we’ll put the fix in beta this week I think :slight_smile:


@justcheckingitout: Servers have been updated again today at 12:45 UTC to fix these regressions for the main website See “hotfixed” issues in the updated blog post.

By the way, we encourage all advanced editors to use by default as it allows to catch such sneaky bugs ahead of release time, and you can always fallback to the main website in case a regression occurs. Updates to the beta website are announced through banner messages.