New BookBrainz release: v-2023-09-18.0

Hello everyone!

The summer has come to an end, and with autumn we welcome a new version of BookBrainz!

The main features this time around are:

  • improved work type selection (with hierarchy). See this post for some background on the great community work, thanks to everyone who participated!
  • Editions credited to an Author entity now appear directly on the Author’s page (via author credits)
    • it is making the need for a better way to show different entity types, with pagination, more pressing
  • as usual a smattering of smaller bug fixes and improvements

You can see the full release on Github


In beta testing today, @ShivamAwasthi 's Summer of Code project of an administration panel, which includes pages listing relationship types and identifier types.
This will also allow users with the right privileges to edit and create new types without requiring direct database access.
You will find these new public pages under the newly refreshed “Docs” menu (previously “Help”) on


Update on beta:

I snuck in another good quality of life improvement: searching for Work entities by their author’s name.
That means for example that you can search for “lovecraft” and the search results will include Works written by H.P. Lovecraft:

Similarly, in other entity search components such as the relationship editor, you will now see the Work’s author displayed inline to help identify similarly named Works, and reduce the need for duplicating the author name in the work disambiguation:

Both are now deployed on for your testing pleasure.
Let me know if anything looks broken; the next step is to do the same for Edition entities (via Author Credits).


Ditto. I’m very happy with the improvements here, but this is becoming a problem. There’s no view for edition groups, and works and editions appear in the same page with no clear order. It’s fine for artists with only a few works/editions, but for those with many, it’s very confusing. An MB-like tabbed interface with tables for these different entities would be very welcome.


Welp, the beta feature of searching work by the author name did break something and was causing the production website to crash, so it is reverted until I fix the issue.

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