Need some help with some mess I created

ahem, I tried to add a work for an instrumental B-side (same title as A-side) for “Colour My Love” by Fun Fun and link it to the song with the same title. But something went wrong and now it looks like this:

I’m not quite sure how to fix this :wink:

Delete the relationships you don’t want and it will all get straightened out in a week or so… :slight_smile:

Is it this one?

yes that’s the one and I think I made a wrong link…but I’m not sure how to remove it

You are getting there. You have the correct edit in to fix the A side, now on the B side remove the not instrumental one

Actually, the more I look I see you have other puzzles… there are two Works for “color my love” when there only needs to be the one.

The two works could also be merged (Work “Color My Love” - MusicBrainz into Song “Color My Love” - MusicBrainz ) (Done: Edit #89197865 - MusicBrainz)

The little tick box for “instrumental” is enough to show it is a Recording without the words.

I would then click on the RECORDING (3:42) and add the comment on that for instrumental. Then it appears in the track list a bit clearer.

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As I am bored waiting for a phone call, I added the 12" Italian release. Imported from Discogs. With that one I have tried to use it as a pattern as to how to link the works, and set the Instrumental flag.

It would help if they stuck to one way of spelling Colour instead of swapping to US spellings at random :laughing:

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Nice! Do we have a preference when titles are different on labels and sleeve? I prefer to add the info on the record/disc as main title but I know there are other opinions.

The Release title is as per the sleeve. The track titles are as per the track list on the rear cover.

Or in this case as we have vinyl and no track list on the rear cover, then using the vinyl makes sense as that is the only place the track names are shown.

So your Release being called “Colour My Love” and tracks “Color My Love” is correct

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