Need of Latin and Cyrillic Locales in the Aliases

I think, there is an Emergency Need of adding a general Latin Locale as well as Cyrillic Locale as a separate Locales from all the languages in the Aliases options.
These will group all the locales that use the Latin alphabet respectively all the locales that use the Cyrillic alphabet.

Currently, all languages are listed as options but there is a need these to be generalized and this is because of Transliteration.

Talking for names - Persons / Bands / Places - the Transliteration is the most important and only way something to be broadly understandable!!!

You know, Георги Тошев means nothing to locales that use Latin alphabet as well as Rupert Murdoch means nothing to locales that use Cyrillic writing.
The Transliteration creates: Georgi Toshev and Рупърт Мърдок as additions to the above entries and this helps a lot for encyclopedia like this.

Currently, these can be added in the Aliases under English Locale or French Locale but this is not English or French only, this needs a Latin Locale option, respectively Cyrillic Locale option to inform that these transliterations are for all these locales.

I think, this can be easily added in the options, on the top of the menu.

Moreover, I think this should be added in the Add Artist and Add Place form - just before the Disambiguation: there should be Transliteration: which to add a grey color transliterated name next to the original.


I think that’s basically this ticket:

Would be cool to have. For me especially because this could be utilized nicely from Picard.


It is, although keep in mind there’s no such thing as “one Latin transliteration”, for many languages - Russian for example is transliterated differently into French, English and Estonian.