Need help with this label Star Song please :)

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iv not done them yet due to working from 8:30 to 5:00 in 37°C+ (42°C today) heat and being buggered by the end of the day. sorry but it will have to just wait till i feel up to it :tired_face:


There is a point at which it gets dangerous to work - heard of one guy who was up north, kept going in the heat, got brain damage and had to learn how to walk again.
Take care of yourself.


Meanwhile on the other side of the planet it has only just got back above freezing up here. That level of heat is bonkers. I’d demand a large stack of cold beer to be available.

Certainly an extreme level to work in. Hope you had some aircon on that long drive the other day.

MB edits are never there to be rushed, always a part time spare time when temperatures allows thing. I know some of the stuff on my TODO list will take many years to complete.


i will take care of myself don’t worry. i don’t drink alcohol i can drink 5 liters of water in 2 days that helps reduce the chance i’ll overheat. yer i still need to get it done at some stage tho can not just keep putting it off.


On days like that I put a 1 litre bottles of water in the freezer ovenight. Keeps the water cooler through the day. Not sure if I could hack a 37 degree day though as I’d just melt. I’d be drinking 5 litres in a day!

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