Need help with renaming files

Hi there,

I am new to Picard, I used TagScanner for years, on windblows.

Now, I have been running Linux distros since 2019, and, running TagScanner on wine, which feels so lame, it is one of the few things that I have not yet been able to ‘switch to linux’ version,

So I gave it a go to Picard, on Debian 11, I feel like this is it, it is a tagger, has access to an open database, has a nice community, all I could ask for.

That said, I am not that good at coding / scripting, I need a little help, I came up with this, at options > file naming,

%artist%/%date% %album%/%artist% %discnumber%-%tracknumber% %title%

Which is what I had TagScanner to do to my file names, and I do get the same result, but, I would like to have Picard to create the Artist/Year Album folders, if they are missing, this just renames the files, but leaves them in the same folder.


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that looks to me like it should work… be sure you’ve got the “Move Files” setting on (Options → Move Files)


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That did the trick, it is easier than it looks, I will be playing arround with this for a while.

Thanks man


In case you haven’t seen this yet, there is an on-line Picard Users Guide available as well.


Yeah I read it, but this is not my 1st language, I missed that option in the config, I thought just setting the path in the script would actually create the path.