Need help with file naming script

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Hi, I am a little overwhelmed by the way of how the automatic file naming works.

baiscally I want picard to produce the following folder structure

Artist\Year - Album\Disc 1\01 - Title

Artist being the main folder, year and album create the first subfolder, the “Disc x” folder should only be created if there is more than 1 disc, and then the filename should only be the track number and the title

how do I do that?

thanks in advance,


Maybe something like this:

%artist%/%date% - %album%/$if($gt(%discnumber%,1),Disc %discnumber%,)/
$num(%tracknumber%,2) - %title%

This only works, if you Picard can find values for all this tags.
This page shows all possible tags you can use.