Need help with credits not in English

I think there will be several of these, but the first one is this, in German:

Choralschola ehemaliger Regensburger Domspatzen

Should this be a credit for Regensburger Domspatzen, or a separate artist?

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Never mind the second one, this page solved it for me (with a little help from Google Translate):

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Trigger warning around child abuse for following search term on google.

I wish this was a bad joke. But it aint.

Ugh, yeah. It’s true.

“Choralschola ehemaliger Regensburger Domspatzen” means that this is a choir consisting of former members of Regensburger Domspatzen. Crediting to “Regensburger Domspatzen” doesn’t feel correct to me. It’s not the real “Regensburger Domspatzen” officially performing, but “only” former members.

Actually, one of the persons involved is Georg Ratzinger, the brother of the last pope.

BTW, this might be a record on MB: “Founded: 0975 (1043 years ago)”


Thanks, that helps. I’ll make a new artist for it.

Ok, that one’s fixed. My Google fu was better than I expected, and I figured all the rest out except I have concerns about these artists:

Het Gregoriaans Koor van Pusan, credited as Choeur Gregorien feminin de Pusan

Choeur Gregorien De Femmes De Seoul, for which this is the only credit

Chang-Rhyong Lee

I’m interpreting both choir credits as “women of…” (although I suppose they could also be women-only choirs). They are South Korean, so Google didn’t get me very far. I’m wondering a) if they are already in the database under another name and b) if not, can we get closer to an official name for them? Obviously these names came from credits in the language of the release country.

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WP [] tells me there are multiple systems for transliterating from the Korean script Hanjul (which may or may not also be used along with Chinese characters (Hanja)).
If we can get back to the artist’s name in Korean then googling that and also alternative transliterations of it would be useful.

Who is literate in Korean (Hanjul)?
Edit: Hanjul is me mispelling.See below for how someone familar with it spells it. An alternate spelling of Hangul is offered by wp but I have much more confidence in jesus2099.


I am not but it is called Hangeul. :slight_smile:
I use the Unicode character names whenever I want to transcript myself.
BabelPad displays the character name of the current character in the status bar so it’s very fast to read with it using just RIGHT ARROW repeatedly →, for instance.
While I’m at BabelStone, I recommend their BabelMap also for character lookup.

Indeed non latin scripts have many latinisation systems (depending of the mother language of this or that transcription system, etc.).

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