Need help to complete the release credits

I’m entering a release taken from here Mosaico Salsero: 1990. Camagüey - Grupo Camagüey, and i don’t know how to complete the last credits.
(The current MusicBrainz release is here Release “Camagüey” by Camagüey - MusicBrainz)

What i cannot set is:

Dirección Musical: Adolfo Barros Y Betto Díaz
Asistente De Dirección: Emiliano Cuero
Una Producción Codiscos Realizada Por Fernando López
Para Contratos : Josué Rojas Tel. (91) 2282282 En Bogotá, Colombia
MCMXC Colombia
Productor Fonográfico. CODISCOS - Asincol
El Disco Es Cultura

My questions are:

  • How to set Dirección Musical (Direction Musical). I can’t find a (directed by) relation.
  • How to set “Una Producción Codiscos Realizada Por Fernando López” (A Codiscos production by Fernando López)
  • Is this should be entered some where:
    Para Contratos : Josué Rojas Tel. (91) 2282282 En Bogotá, Colombia
    MCMXC Colombia (I don’t know what is it)
  • Productor Fonográfico. CODISCOS - Asincol

Thank you in advance

I’m not much help, but MCMXC is Roman numerals for 1990.

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Thank you, i didn’t know. So it’s the release date.

It might just be a ℗ phonographic copyright and/or © copyright date (slightly earlier than release date, in general).

Remember also that if you can’t find anywhere else to put a credit, you can add it as an annotation. (I can’t really help much with your question otherwise, especially with my lack of any non-English languages).

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We don’t have a director relationship right now - I’d put it in the annotation.

Probably a “producer” credit for López.

This is who to contact to book the band or whatnot. You can skip it.

As suggested, likely 1990 as the year.

Pretty sure that’s the ℗ credit.

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Thank you very much! I can finish with you information.

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