Need help merging releases

I just edited a release that I didn’t find on MB until I went to add the disc IDs and found that someone else had already entered this release, albeit under a different title. I’d like to merge the releases but haven’t done this before and I’m a little concerned about the warnings on the “How to Merge Releases” page so I thought I’d check in here first.

Here are links to the two releases:

this is the older release.

This is my release.

The titles are different, as are the track times. When I go to set up the merge I’m told to append rather than merge but I’m not really sure what that means or what I’m supposed to do about the double list of CDs that follows. My plan was to append my release to the older release.

Also, I’m not sure what to do about the titles. I, personally, think what’s on the cover makes more sense as the title and suspect that the shorter title was on the spine because how the heck would they have fit all of those those pieces onto the spine?

My appreciation, in advance, for any suggestions.

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You need to use the “merge releases and recordings” option here.

If you want to keep your title (which I agree with you on, style guide says use front cover), make your release the target release.

Once the merge has passed, go back over it and clean up any duplicate info left from the merge.


Thanks for your reply!

I’m still confused over the “new positions” of the media listed below the “Append media to target release”. I now have two discs in position 1 and two in position 2. If I try to “Append media to target release” I’m not able because I have 2 sets of discs in the same position. If it is a 2 disc set do I number them 1, 2, 3, 4? Will I then end up with two sets of tracks that I need to pick through and remove the tracks that I don’t want?

If the track times are different, surely they should be different releases?

They are off by 1-2 seconds. The barcode is the same. The cover is the same. The catalog number is the same, the tracks are all identical and in the same order. I’ve encountered CDs where the booklet that comes with the CD lists different times than I get when I look up the CD in Picard. I suspect that’s what’s going on here. I listed the times from the booklet and the editor of the original release got them off of the discs.

Track 5, 8, 11, 14 differ by 9 seconds on the first disc; track 1 by 11s, track 5 and 9 by 9 seconds on the second disc.

The reason for this merge are matching disc IDs. The old one has track times that match the disc. That means the newly added release has wrong track times :slight_smile:

@debdrex Where did you take the times from? The disc ID is based on the times on the CD itself. If you took the times from e.g. the back cover and they differ from the disc ID the disc ID would still be correct.


You shouldn’t be using “append to target release” at all. Change it to “merge releases and recordings.”

Also I left off half a sentence, above. Make your release the target release to keep the name.


@outsidecontext, I did, indeed, take the track times from the back cover – well actually the booklet – I’ve just compared them to the actual tracks on the files on my computer and they still aren’t a perfect match but they are certainly closer to the original edit than they are to mine. Eight of the tracks are off by one second.

@psychoadept, when I tried to use “merge releases and recordings” I was told that I couldn’t because “the recording artists don’t match”. I realize now that this is because when I originally did the edit I entered one of the artists on all of the tracks instead of on the one track that they actually performed on. I’ve canceled those edits but they are awaiting votes for approval. Perhaps I should wait to do this until the edits have been approved.

Once that happens, if I use my release as the target it’ll have the wrong track times. Should I correct those before I put it through or do it after the merge?

Thanks to all of you for helping me sort this out!


That’s usually caused by different methods of rounding. Some players will round fractions of a second mathematically (e.g. 1.6 seconds will be displayed as 2 seconds), others just truncate the value (thus 1.6 will be displayed as 1 second).

Not sure right now what MusicBrainz does for displaying the data, but if you set the times from disc ID (see below) it will internally be stored with millisecond precision.

Do it after merging. Once this is merged you can only set the track times from the disc ID anyway, for that navigate to the disc ID, e.g. Disc ID “HUVFZWRtBh5xUK2kAsrWJjPdbaE-” - MusicBrainz , and click on “Set track durations” for the release.


I’ll do that. Thanks again for taking the time to help me figure this out.

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