Need help making sense of some soundcloud releases


I am really not sure how to enter these “releases”:

I think they could reasonably be in the same release group, but beyond that I get a little lost.

The first (earlier) one on soundcloud is listed as “Joe Carter — The Legacy of the African-American Spiritual”. As downloaded it comes with these tags:

#1-2 (radio show and unedited interview)
Artist: Krista Tippett on Being
Album Artist: Krista Tippett on Being
Album: Being from APM

#3-12 (songs)
Artist: Joe Carter
Album Artist: On Being with Krista Tippett
Album: Joe Carter’s Negro Spirituals

Oh and the album art on this one has (interpreted):
Album: Joe Carter and The Legacy of the African-American Spiritual
Album Artist: Joe Carter or maybe Krista Tippett On Being
Publisher: American Public Media

The second one is listed as “Joe Carter Sings the Spirituals” and comes with these tags:
Artist: Joe Carter
Album Artist: On Being Studios
Album: On Being with Krista Tippett

The name of the soundcloud account on both versions is On Being Studios.

My inclination is to make the first one:
Album: The Legacy of the African American Spirituals
Album Artist: Joe Carter
Artist: Krista Tippett on 1-2, Joe Carter on 3-12
Publisher: On Being Studios

And the second one:
Album: Sings the Spirutals
Artist/Album Artist: Joe Carter
Publisher: On Being Studios

Thoughts? Suggestions?


I would probably credit Joe Carter as the track artist for the interview/show tracks, or maybe “Joe Carter with Krista Tippett”. To me the subject of the interview is more important than the interviewer. Everything else seems reasonable.


The other question is what type of release is it? I think Album is ok, maybe secondary type interview? The first one, yes, the second one doesn’t have the interview. I’ll leave it blank for now. And it’s not a bootleg, but is it really official?

Here it is in current form: