Need advice on wrongly applies discid's I wish to remove

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I came across the following users auto-edits as I was checking discids for some of my releases. These edits were done 2014-2015 and were discid adds. My first thought was to remove them, but maybe somewhere there were albums created this way (I do not think so). I spent an hour looking around on some of these releases to see if they could be moved but found nothing and it was begging to become a waste of my time. I am not being critical of the user, we all make mistakes, I have applied a discid to the wrong album a couple of times myself, but I have learned to check the track duration to make sure I did not make a mistake. My desire is to just remove them with a not explaining they were wrongly placed, or a new release should have been created for them.

The following are in 3 line sets, the link to the discid for the release, followed by the link to the wrong TOC, followed by the normal release length & the wrong length. You can se the great discrepancy in all but one, but if you look at the track duration for all these they do not match at all.
32:59 - 2:23:20
41:39 - 1:29:15
38:49 - 1:24:07
41:39 - 1:29:15
38:49 - 1:24:07
38:46 - 1:24:07
40:17 - 1:27:26
42:16 - 1:31:47


I had a typo in this post, should be " with a note explaining they were wrongly placed".

I thought the form-edit converted my MBID/discid link to just the release, but it does appear that the link points to the discids for the release.

The more I think maybe the correct thing is place a note on the edits (if possible) but they are over 2 years old and the user has been inactive since these edits.


I think the proper thing is to remove the disc IDs as they are clearly wrong. Most likely those disc IDs where created by buggy software that submitted wrong data. No value in keeping it.