NatureQuest CDs


I have a couple of these types of CDs and would like to figure out correct way to enter. I read the guidelines for untitled tracks so I’m fine with calling them [nature sounds] but that just looks horrible and to generic.
So what way would you enter this release sensible one has all cover art

Generic unidentifiable or Sensible identifiable titles

  • Generic
  • Sensible

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Sensible, because it’s close to the text written on the covers


I chose sensible because:

  • Artist: We could use [nature sounds] with a NatureQuest artist credit, but, NatureQuest also looks like a project (or series but maybe no need to create even more entities), so IMO it’s OK to have an MBID
  • Track title: I do see this WolfSong title on package, so square brackets are not necessary as they are used when we build up a title that is not printed
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I voted for generic based on the style guidelines. Nothing in the guidelines allows the track title to be derived from the release title, so square brackets must be used.

At the time of this comment, I am part of the minority (8%) that voted for generic titles. If the sensible title is approved by this vote, then we should change the style guideline to reflect this decision.

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Isn’t the guideline for unknown or untitled?
Here we do have some names, both for artist and tracks.


It’s like a single (release name = main/sole track name), there is only one stuff, split in two halves because of the cassette format.


Aesthetically, I like the “sensible” ones, but this example from the guidelines @silentbird cited would seem to apply here:

  • In some genres, like techno music, it is relatively common for releases to have a title, but no title for the individual tracks, as Christian Wünsch’s Proved Negligence . These tracks should be considered untitled tracks, and can be entered as [untitled] or, following the unofficial name guideline, as [Release Name, Part X] (always in square brackets).

Following the second option would give us [WolfSong, Part One] and [WolfSong, Part Two] .

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I started the merge to get it out of the way. I am merging to the oldest mbid then will edit according to discussion and vote.


I am one of the 85% who thought it would have been better to merge the other way around. :thinking: :wink: