Name in i18n

Hi everyone.

If I’m correct (I didn’t know musicbrainz 2 week ago…) all work (Symphony No. 6 by Beethoven) got a uuid (MBI if I’m correct). So in that case is they are something ready to put the name in other language ?

So the picard user can just say he want the name of the work in some language (with a fallback to English or something like that).

Same question about human name, location, orchestra etc…

For exemple it’s more natural for me to see Orchestre symphonique de Paris than Orchestra Symphonic of Paris (Yes I’m living in France).


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Every MusicBrainz entity can have aliases (see for example Rachmaninoff), and in Picard you can select a preferred language for tagging (although I think that only works for artist names). Perhaps the Classical Extra’s plugin offers more options.