Name cover art downloads by type instead of appending numbers?

I checked “Save cover images as separate files” under Options > Cover Art and ended up with a folder of files named

cover (1).png
cover (2).png

Is there a way to get more descriptive names for the downloaded image files? I can see on the MB release Cover Art tab that the images are tagged by type (Front, Booklet, etc) – can’t the download image names reflect that? ie.:

cover - Front.png
cover - Booklet.png
cover - Booklet (1).png


Ah, I think I found it on this page:

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Yes, exactly, the cover art naming exame there shod do what you want. E.g. this uses “cover” for the front image, but the type for other images.


Closer to what you write above would be:


Just for completeness: In Options > Cover Art > Cover Art Archive there is also the option " Use the first image type as the filename". Which does something very similar as the first script above. But I don’t like this option very much, for the user it is unclear how it works in combination with the naming script and it is less flexible. We already had discussed removing this option.

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Okay here’s a side effect. If I’m saving a multi disc set across individual folders numbered for each disc, then the complete cover set is downloaded to each disc folder, resulting in a duplicate complete set of cover art in each disc folder. So folder 1 (for disc 1) has all the covers, then folder 2 has all the covers, onwards to folder 6. There doesn’t seem to be any sorting done to save certain disc specific cover art to a specific number disc folder.

Yes, cover art on MB is per release. There is no per disc cover art unfortunately.

It gets worse - if you reload those discs in order to update the metadata, you end up with multiple copies in each of the folders. I posted about this recently:

An additional problem I see is that multiple booklet files are named booklet.jpg, booklet (1).jpg, etc. But if I try to refresh, it doesn’t preserve the order and I get a new one added each time. I finally came to the conclusion that I can’t refresh metadata when I have the cover art enabled at this time. I also abandoned one directory/disc because the cover art is unmanageable. I suppose if I only had the front image, and only embedded it, I wouldn’t have any of these issues :slight_smile: