My submissions are about to be deleted, what can I do?

My submissions were voted to get deleted any day now! This will eave me no choice…but to throw myself on your mercy! YOU GOTTA VOTE NO SO THEY CAN BE SAVED!

For entries to remain in the database they need to exist.
Provide some proof that it actually exists.

Links to the edits or entities in question would help, too.

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Got it! What sources can I use?

Anything credible: online stores, the artist’s website, some discography on the internet, a photo of the cover…

I just briefly went through your edits and saw stuff like Are you sure this is correct? I see a lot of Japanese artists in your edits but I don’t know much about them. I think @yindesu and @jesus2099 are familiar with Japanese stuff so they could probably take a look. The rest of the edits probably also needs reviewing but I will be busy this week so someone else has to check it.

Absolutely! Just as I predicted!