My edit of a title won't catch

The title is wrong and I’ve tried to change it, twice, but it still hangs on to the old title. The other edits I did was accepted, probably because the fields were empty. Can anyone explain how to fix this?

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From what I’ve seen, you had the wrong title to start with (right?). It looks as if you have submitted the change properly. Major changes take 7 days to Que up. This is a major change and the time clock has started. This gives other editors time to review your request. Sometimes a change could be given a no vote with the editor(s) leaving an explanation as to why. Usually it takes 7 days so just be patient. Yes, a week is a long time but there is a need for this delay. Welcome aboard! ps. Don’t forget to go back and choose your medium format. :wink: Other editors will also help with corrections and modifications.

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It wasn’t me that added the title to begin with.

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Hi Norse12, the release was added from a random pirate download blog.
I fixed the track order and approved your title change. :slight_smile:


Great! :slight_smile:

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Clicking “open edits” on a release, artist, your editor page etc (at the bottom right) will show you edits that are open and waiting review.

It’s no big deal, edits will pass with 0 votes, it’s more a safety feature when data is being deleted or replaced, allowing other editors to review it. “New” data usually doesn’t have a wait period as there’s less opportunity for vandalism (and disagreement) :slight_smile: