MusicBrainz works on one mac and does not work on another


I installed MusicBrainz on my MacBook Pro and am amazed at the results.

On the other hand, I would like to use it also on my iMac (same configuration), but I do not get any results with the same requests. Same thing on a third computer (Mac Mini).

Do you have any clues to help me solve this problem?

Thank you for helping me.


What specifically is not working?


I have a lot of works from old CDs.
There are no metadata written in tracks that are identified only Track 1, Track 2 …

On the MacBook Pro (Sierra 10.12.3):
If I drag such a folder in the left window of MusicBrainz and I perform a scan, I get all the metadata in the right window. Wonderful!

On the iMac (Sierra 10.12.3):
The same operations do not give any results in the right window.

Same thing on a Mac Mini (Sierra 10.12.3).


OK, I found it. There was an error in the Preferences (Fingerprinting).

Thank you.