MusicBrainz Server docker for dev on Synology NAS

Short question

Does anyone have the experience or any idea on the feasibility and convenience of running MusicBrainz Server (MBS) docker image on a Docker enabled Synology NAS?

Update: It’s just for development testing, I just need using the static test sample data dump in a standalone mode development server.

Optional long story

I have been using MBS docker (compose? virtual machine?) image on my Linux Debian 10 very old PC.
I don’t mind that the performance is poor, I just use it from time to time when I want to submit a small merge request to the MB project.

My very old PC now doesn’t want to start anymore and I don’t have much free time to to try to fix it anytime soon.
I don’t think I will buy a new PC and maintain it, either, as I have a Windows 10 laptop lent by my company and a Raspian 10 Raspberry Pi 3B hooked on my TV.

My current Synology (DiskStation) DS213+ NAS is running fine, albeit with a homemade 10€ external fan powering fix.
But it has been saturated for long time and I was planning to buy an additional NAS (that would enable cross-saves, also).

So I was thinking of buying a second Synology NAS, one that supports Docker, it seems it supports docker-compose, as well, required by musicbrainz-docker if it would allow me to run MBS.

But I remember I had to install some other stuff on my desktop:

  • Node 16+
  • Perl 5.30+
  • PostgreSQL 12+

I wonder if the musicbrainz-docker image (virtual machine?) includes all prerequisites or if I will have to try to make things work on my own:


It seems to have all the “required software” but it might be missing some CPU/RAM for the “recommended hardware” unless you don’t need the search feature.

This stuff is automatically installed in Docker, you don’t have to worry about, that’s the point of using Docker.


I recommend to buy a Synology model with enough RAM (6GB at least) or buy and install additional RAM by yourself to run MB-Docker smoothly.


Thanks so much for your helps.

The NAS can get more and more expensive, when targeting higher specs.

I’m waiting for the specs of the next 2 bay Plus series (DS223+ or DS224+).

I’ve changed my OP to emphasise that I just need a minimal server just for dev:

I don’t need a smooth running server with all data.

It’s great that this static test sample data dump in a standalone mode development server does exist!

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You can find the DS223 Specifications here.
For other readers: The current DS223 is a NON plus version, only 2GB RAM, no RAM expansion possibility, still only 1 Gbit/s Ethernet.
And the biggest disadvantage for DS223: NO docker support!

“Synology never released a Docker package for any other CPU architecture than x86_64.
All “+” series have a x68_64 architecture CPU. The “non plus” DS223 does not.”

It’s very unlikely that a DS224+ will be released, Synology needs several years between the models in the same class (number of bays, like this 2-bay DiskStation from 2023 called DS223, successor of DS220+ from 2020).


You’re right about the docker inability of the Value Series processors.
I forgot to say but it’s why I am only looking at the Plus Series.

I was hesitating with the already available 4 bay DS423+ but I think it’s no good for me (physical size, double fan noise, price, power consumption).

So, I am waiting for the next 2 bay Plus Series (DS2xx+), after the current DS220+.
I don’t know if they will release it in 2023 or in 2024, thus my “DS223+ or DS224+”.
Indeed, if they release a DS223+, there will be no DS224+. :wink:

If I end up trying MB dev server with limited dataset on my next Synology NAS, I will report here how it worked.


Wouldn’t you be better off acquiring a small factor used desktop ? I’ve got used Lenovo with 6GB of memory few years ago running standard server Ubuntu and im very happy with a docker MB, never an issue, performance and otherwise. Synology is a custom platform, most of the time underpowered. Perhaps it all depends on the used market where you live.


I don’t think, that this requirements (from a DS423+)

can be met with a “small factor used desktop”. (Ok, maybe the price… :wink:)

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It can, small factor desktops are not much bigger than Synology. As an example see this , there is a picture with a pencil for scale


The size of this SFF computer is indeed impressive: ‎18.3 x 17.8 x 3.6 centimetres.
Just be aware that you need an external network adapter for this device (WiFi to USB adapter), an external power adapter and also a mouse, keyboard and monitor (at least for the OS installation).
I can not find any power consumption informations or test results about the fan noise (which can be a problem in such small boxes). I’m also not sure if such SFF devices are designed to run 7x24x365 non-stop.

But of course, why not think about such an alternative.


I already need a second NAS.
The MB dev server is accessory need. :slight_smile:

But wow it looks super handy! :slight_smile:

But there is an Ethernet plug, on the back photo.

I have one for 3 or 4 years, not the same processor of course, and its always up. Very quiet, have it 3 or 4 feet from my bed. Outside of NAS storage issues, the specs will be better and cheaper than Synology. And for NAS I wouldve get multidrive enclosure and probably get similar performance. It must come with power brick, mine did. I did need monitor and usb keyboard once for initial install.

The advantage is standard distro, expandable memory and good processor, also Lenovo quality is good in my experience. Nice little headless servers.

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That one is a second hand, used model.
I had a look at the current lineup and they are quite expensive for what I need, in fact.
And together with a multi-HDD box, it would become clumsy.

But thanks for this really nice product, I would consider these small models when I need a desktop, again, when I retire for example. :wink:

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Big thank you @nadl40!
I eventully deleted some big files from my old Synology so I don’t need to buy a new one.
And bought quite exactly what you showed in your link!
A Lenovo ThinkCentre M900 Tiny with i7-6700T CPU, 16 GB RAM and 240 GB SSD, for 200€.

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