MusicBrainz seems to know very little classical music

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I have many classical music tracks that are wrongly tagged. For example, every track in “100 Best Opera Classics” comes tagged in Korean or Japanese, even though the original artists were European and were selected from the EMI archives. I had hoped MusicBrainz could supply new tags in English by recognizing audio fingerprints, because any typical opera lover could instantly recognize famous tunes, say Nessun dorma, from Turandot by Puccini. But not a single track is recognized by MusicBrainz, either using Scan or Lookup. It seems I can only manually type in (using any tag editor) the titles supplied on, which is a very laborious procedure using cut and paste. Should I just give up on MusicBrainz, at least with regards to classical music?


Hard to tell what goes wrong and if you are using Picard correctly but we are having same release: We have AcoustID fingerprints for all of these tracks.

Many of us are using Picard for tagging classical music and I would say it works pretty well. Don’t expect it to identify all your music. We are volunteer based database and everyone including you are welcome to edit it.


I think MusicBrainz is the best source of metadata about classical music on the internet, but that doesn’t mean that everything is there. Sometimes you just have to get your hands dirty and add or improve data yourself.

You could enter that information into your music files with a tag editor, but if it’s on MusicBrainz, you can always retrieve the information again, including improvements made by other users later. So even if you don’t care about improving our data for other users, you can benefit from MusicBrainz by contributing.


IMO you have just found the correct recordings, just another edition and so the titles are printed in another language than the one you are looking for (which is not necessarily the works original language either, BTW).
For instance, here is a compilation of European music that I have:

Now look up on top of the page and click the “see all versions of this release, 4 available” link then you will find other editions that may feature various other languages.

But mine is BEST CLASSIC 100. Maybe for your BEST OPERA 100, there is no other edition in MB yet, or maybe their recordings are not merged and only the Japanese release had some fingerprints submitted.
Actually found your release, so maybe we have some recording merges to do between that BEST OPERA 100 that has found and the recordings you found.


Scan is not very useful for a coherent album, especially not compilations.

Is your example album in MB at all? Do you find it on the website?