Musicbrainz release display on 5.5" android screen

I’ve felt that the MB forum community has been mature enough to hear my disappointments and frustrations around the GUI.

I hope all responsible can take some praise too.

Releases look absolutely wonderful on my android screen - clear, lots of info without being cluttered. Works like a dream - its even a better browsing experience than my desktop.

The people who made this have done themselves proud.

I’ll risk embarrasing them and ask, “Who are these marvels?”


Ooh, can I see a screenshot?
MB isn’t actually dynamic right? My phone cuts out a lot of the content.

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Mine, a 5″ (Lumia 640), cuts off the sidebar, or most of it.
And that’s when I turn it in landscape position.
In portrait, it’s more cropped, but despite that, I still do turn around back and forth as it depends on the pages and on what I’m doing, I have to use both screen positions alternatively to be happy.