MusicBrainz Picard does not tag my FLAC files

Hello. Musicbrainz Picard does not seem to tag the FLAC files I feed it. As seen on this screenshot (screenshot 1 -, Picard recognizes the files to perfections, but then when I’ve clicked save, the tags doesn’t show up. It renames them, but doesn’t tag them? (screenshot 2 -

It’s hard to tell without more information. However, here’s one thing to check: are the files you show in Screenshot 2 the same files that Picard saved in Screenshot 1? Check Picard’s settings to be sure it is moving files to the correct directory. Check the modification times of the files you are looking at in Screenshot 2, to be sure they changed at the time of Screenshot 1. Search your disk for multiple copies of the music files.

I hope this helps,

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Hi Jim, sorry for the lack of information. The reason there isn’t more, is I’m not sure what information would be relevant.

But your method revealed some interesting info. When I click save, MusicBrainz Picard acts as if the data has been written, but the modification time doesn’t update. I know it’s the same files, cause what I right click -> open containing folder, it refers to the same folder as screenshot 2.

Thanks for the help/interest in the question thus far.

Just in case: do you have all of Rename Files, Move Files and Save Tags checked in the Options menu?

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Oh my, I have been too stupid >.<

Thanks, everyone who tried to help me with this situation, but the problem is the information I’ve given you. I tried copying the songs onto another drive, to see if that might have been the problem. Then I realise, that these files aren’t FLAC (as I thought), but rather WAV. Sorry guys, and may you have a great day.


Note that it is possible to tag WAV files, I regularly do it for my LPCM concert DVD audio rips.
foobar2000 since version 1.1.9 and other programs can do this.

But Picard does not support it yet.

I don’t know whether foobar2000 is using BWF, RIFF, LIST or all of them, but I would like that Picard could support the same thing(s) as foobar2000 does. :wink:

EDIT: I still don’t know what technology foobar2000 is using but, for what it’s worth, both Windows and Audacity seem to be using the same thing as I can see the same metadata (that I have set in foobar2000) in them as well.

Why keep these files as WAV? Compatibility with something?

Because I usually don’t keep them and DVD Decrypter saves them either as AC3 for Dolby® or as WAV for LPCM.
It’s all in a C:\temp kind of folder, if you see what I mean.
I just rip to submit AcoustID and to listen to them for a little while. :slight_smile: