Musicbrainz Picard App constantly crashing

Hey Guys, I was using version 1.04 for a while with no problems. I updated to 2.01 and then 2.02 and the program loads fine, but as soon as I do a lookup or scan, it crashes. Tried running it in the compatibility modes with same results. I tried to use the debug log on it, but as soon as it crashes, it’s gone. When I reopen the program the debug is turned off again. Any help is greatly appreciated. I only have around 8,000 more songs to go and am eager to finish this project up.

i used to get constant crashes with a particular plugin, never with the core program. what plugins are you using?

Same problem here. All worked fine, now suddenly the program crashes.
I remembered adding a custom script, deleted it and now all works fine. Except … I need that custom script :frowning: