Musicbrainz-docker webpage not rendering correctly

I have set up the musicbrainz server about 3 times over the years. Mostly through the VM. This time I am using the docker setup. The one thing all of the setups have in common is that the webpage at HTTP://localhost:5000 is missing images and layout. I have tried the script that is supposed to generate the resource files for the website, but it makes no difference. Has ANYONE been able to get the website to render correctly? What am I missing?

I’m using it right now to test my code, and I don’t have any problem.

  • what do the docker logs say?
  • what do your browser web tools (console / network / whatever) say?

I’m running the docker image from another computer on my local network and when my config was wrong (MUSICBRAINZ_WEB_SERVER_HOST) I could see what requests were failing, you should be able to do the same

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I’m having the same issue with docker setup. What script did you run ? Did you resolve the issue ?

I don’t know if it’s the same issue as I had but, as I am also running server on different computer than web browser, I had to edit “sub WEB_SERVER” setting in musicbrainz-server/lib/DBDefs/ file.


This is exactly what the problem was, Thanks !

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