Musical performer credit


I’m looking at something like this particular release of Evita:

I do not see any mention anywhere of the main performers (Ricky Martin, Elena Roger, Michael Cerveris). This leads to a couple of questions:

  1. Where/how should the performers be entered?

  2. Why is there not a more prominent mention of these main performers as artists? If I understand the guidelines correctly, then the writer should be the artist for Broadway shows. However one could argue that the performers are what make this release stand out, when compared to other Evita albums. Also, the main performers feature on the front cover at least as prominently as the writer, so why don’t they even get a mention? And wouldn’t having the performers listed as artists also help distinguish/search in one’s personal music library (say I have more than one recording of the same show…).

Thank you!

The should be entered as performer relationships. Ideally per track, if this is known (and for Musicals this should be the case most of the time). If a performer is known but it is unclear in which tracks he performed the relationship can also be added to the release itself.