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Ok, I have Compilation albums. I remove possible choices and pick the one it is. There always seems to be a song or 2 with a musical note next to it? I click the song and all the info is there and corrects in each field on the bottom- so why can’t I save it. 2nd ?- I look up song info and find it= ok, how do I make it the song I’m looking up?

The musical note means that there is no file currently matched to the track. Check if there is an unmatched track still in the clustering pane, and drag it to the appropriate track on the release. You can find more information about this in the documentation.


This is one reason why you should tag one album at a time. Often a compilation album will be scatted between multiple releases on the right hand side. These will need re-gathering onto the correct result.

If you tag one album at a time you will more easily see where the tracks have scattered to

By the nature of AcoustID it is impossible to be exact with the matches. You can adjust sliders in the settings to make it focus more on compilations if this is what you are matching.

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Thanks, dude. I’ve been really tooling around it and have figured out a lot of stuff- the learning curve for this is pretty decent, so?, lol.

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