Multiple Genre Separators

I’m finding that sometimes the Genre field has both types of separators in the same field. Is there a way to script it to convert them automatically, or at least when I see them I could run the script via R-Click menu?

I’m still fairly new to Picard, so maybe I’m missing some other obvious fix.

I believe that the first item in the list you show is actually entered as one genre. That’s why it shows with the slashes separating the words. You can try something like the following in a tagging script (WARNING: Untested code):

$map(%genre%,$replace(%_loop_value%, /,;))

This might coerce Picard to split the single slash-separated genre into multiple genre entries, which will then appear on separate lines and separated by semicolons.

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Worked perfectly. This is going to save me a buttload of time.

Thank you very much!

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