Multiple drag and drop to match files to tracks puts all selected files onto one track

Installed release 2.7.3 on two different windows machines, one running 10, the other 11. The 11 was a clean install. In “Using Picard” → “matching files to tracks”, it says,

If you drag and drop multiple files onto a specific track the first selected file will be matched to the track on which you dropped the files. The rest of the selected files will be matched to the following tracks in order. This allows you to quickly match multiple files to a sequence of tracks. If you want to match all files to a single track instead you can hold the Alt key while dropping the files.

This used to work fine. Now, however, it is like the “Alt” key is stuck and all of the selected files end up associated with the single track they were dropped upon.

Suggestions on how to make this go back to the other way?


I would say if I drop on one track, I would want all files to stay there.

Doesn’t it work if you drop your group of files over the release title instead of one of the tracks.
It is what I usually do when I want to submit AcoustID, and usually files are distributed to correct tracks, except if the titles are completely different, or something like that.


This feature would save me a lot of time! I can’t remember it ever doing this, but would love to hear what’s happened to it/how to use it.

That’s still supposed to work. Can you add a bug at and I’ll look at it when I’m back next week.


I tested this and can’t reproduce it. When I drag multiple files from another release or from the left pane onto a track it still applies the tracks to the tracks sequentially. I tested both with current 2.7.3 release and latest development version.


I could have sworn it was doing this for me… but I can’t reproduce it now either.

Good result :grin: :ok_hand:

Currently experiencing this, most frustrating software I’ve ever used. Instructions say to drag multiple files onto a track and they will copy and paste in sequential order. Instead what happens is all files are associated to one track title (not sure why or when anyone would need this feature) and a little arrow appears beside the track name that you can expand and collapse, as if it’s a folder?!

I’m trying to perform this operation for a 99-track CD of Sound Effects. I can see the correct track names, but if I drag all the tracks and drop them on “Track 1” all 99 tracks end up UNDER the new Track 1 arrow that is created. SIGH! Really wish there was another way to do this so I don’t have to drag and drop all 99 tracks one by one???

What version of Picard are you using ( and on which operating system)? This functionality was added in Picard 2.5, older versions don’t support the sequential matching.


If that’s not working for someone even with the latest version of Picard it would be great if you could share a screencast of what exactly your are doing.

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