Multiple artist entries for Keith Ciancia

I’ve noticed that Keith Ciancia has multiple artist entries

Should these all be merged together and aliases added? I know artists can have different entries for stage names but according to his Wikipedia entry these are just variations of his legal name Keefus Ciancia - Wikipedia


i’m unfamiliar with this artist, but to me this definitely feels like a situation where they should to be together. the names are very similar and imo it makes more sense to have them together and just use aliases/artist credits. if the names were like, Keith Cianca and Microwave Oven or something my opinion would likely be different.

but again, i’m not a fan of this artist, so i don’t know what their reasoning for being separate is. it’s possible that they’re distinct projects and that’s why they’re different entries. hard to say for sure! if you feel pretty confident they should be together, feel totally free to put in the merge, and the others who know this artist will probably share their opinions :smiley:


my rule of thumb I personally use is if I turn on “Use Standardized Artist Names” in Picard (which uses the MusicBrainz artist name instead of the artist credit on a release), the artist name should still be correct.

for example, The O.C. Supertones are often credited as The Orange County Supertones. still the same band, but with a slightly different name.

that said, I personally try and err on the side of separate artists in most cases though, unless it’s super obvious…

EDIT: note this also applies to the same name in different scripts

my first impression in this particular case would be that these are separate artists, simply based on the wording on Wikipedia and the relationships on the artist pages. (and perhaps his credit on this version of Tomorrowland should be changed). granted, you probably know more in this case than I do, so I leave it up to you~