Mozart's Requiem


OK, so much of it wasn’t written by Mozart, and indeed it is good to see a quite comprehensive list of editions at I have a couple of recordings, neither of which specifies an edition, so I’m using the catch-all ( I notice that this, along with the other editions is not divided into the eight sections (Introitus, Kyrie, Sequenz, Offertorium, Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei, Communio - see, but rather is presented as a “flat” fourteen movements.
I would prefer the structure to be explicit, but am loath to mess with such a famous work :anguished:
If I did change it, I’m also not sure whether I would just change the catch-all, and where that would leave the other editions. Whatever, I would appreciate a bit of input/advice from those with more experience in these things, thanks.


You’d be adding new works and changing around the parts/part-of relationships. Presumably just parts III, IV, and V. If so, I personally think it’s a good idea. Having relationships explicitly spelled out strikes me as more useful.

And no one complained when I did that for Elgar’s The Apostles


On a detailed read of the notes for one CD I realise that it is the Beyer edition, so I have made the structural changes to that, have linked the release to the correct edition and will look up the other CD later.