Move "Submit votes & edit notes" button to top of page?

Edits for my subscribed entities come in my email with links like this (for example):

At the time of this writing there is one open edit which seems like a good one, so I’d like to vote “yes” on it. To do so, I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to click the “Submit” button. Not so bad for one artist, but sometimes I get 20 in my feed, and I’m only concerned about the most recent edits.

Having the “Submit” button at the top would be a great timesaver. Is this possible?

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If I remember correctly we once had this at the top or both top and bottom, but it was changed for some reason. But I don’t remember the details.

Having it at both Top and Bottom would seemingly solve most everyone’s use cases.

With the Power Vote script enabled I have the button on top and bottom, but I agree, this could be enabled by default - I use it a lot.


With POWER VOTE, you can also submit each edit note individually by writing your note before double‐clicking your vote checkbox (yes, no, abstain, no vote).
Or submit the whole page, as in other forms, by pressing CTRL+ENTER.

I think it’s important that, by default, it is not at the top.
It forces new voters to scroll and read a little bit more stuff before submitting their comments or votes.