More specific recording relationships

The problem I have is that some recordings are recorded in multiple locations and by different teams of engineers. An example would be this recording. The vocals were recorded Rokstone Studios and the orchestra was recorded at Phoenix Studios, each recorded by a different team of engineers. AFAIK, there is no way of showing this under the current relationships system. I propose the following, and hope I’m not complicating too much:

Artist-recording relationships will be the “main” type of relationship. Each of these artist-recording relationships will be qualified by secondary information, meaning place/area, start time/end time, event, etc. In other words, relationships will be mainly about “who did what”, with secondary information on where and when it was done.

Any thoughts?

We definitely would like to have many-entity relationships, so we could say “Engineer recorded Instrument for Recording in Place on Date” or even “Musician played Instrument for Recording in Place on Date recorded by Engineer”. But it’s a huge change in the way our relationships work, so it can’t really happen anytime soon :frowning:

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If recording dates are known this kind of data might be understandable with the current system. It doesn’t look nice but is still understandable, see for example recording with 4 different recording locations:

There’s many other limitations with the system and I’m afraid supporting all exceptions would make it too complex to use. Multipoint-relationships would help with many cases but I believe we won’t be seeing them for years. Ticket system is having almost 6 years old ticket about 3-point relationships.

2 Likes @reosarevok I agree it will get really complex and I don’t think it’s going to be implemented soon, if ever. I’m just trying to get the idea out there. :slight_smile:

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