Modify List Choices?

Is there any way to modify list drop-downs? For example: Release Country: AU - Australia
Also, is there a way to add a custom tag to the list so you don’t have to retype it all the time?
For example: #Helium Custom Field 1 to appear in the “Add New Tag” choices?

Thanks everyone. Stay safe :slight_smile:

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No, these autocompletes are only available for a few fields currently and are filled by the predefined lists MB has.

Not easily, but it sounds useful. Picard could even remember used tags automatically (with the option to clear values again).

A plugin should be able to inject custom tags here. It’s a bit of a hack but could work. I’ll take a look at this.


Thanks for listening to my suggestion. Have a good one.

If you want to add the same custom tag field to every track, you can do this with a simple tagger script. You can find this in the Options menu, under Scripting.
A tagger script with the next line:

$if($eq($get(#Helium Custom Field 1),),$set(#Helium Custom Field 1,default),)

will check for every file if the tag field #Helium Custom Field 1 exists. If so, nothing is changed. If not, the tag field is created and given the value default.
The $get() function is needed because of the hashtag and the spaces in the tag field’s name, calling the variable using %#Helium Custom Field 1% gives a scripting error.

And ofcourse you can expand this to set different values for different cases (for example for Various Artists releases, or based on genre), by replacing $set(#Helium Custom Field 1,default) in the line of code above with an appropriate $if() function.
Since the syntax for the tagger scripts is the same as for the naming script, you can find lots of examples in the documentation

Edit: if you have the option to clear existing tags active, you’ll have to add your custom tag field to the list of tags to preserve.


Thanks for the help! Very much appreciated!