Mission Impossible

I deleted the album I added, it still exists
So I deleted my entire account hoping it will be deleted this time
is still there

The life of user account is hopefully not linked to the life of MB entities (artists, recordings, releases).
What release do you want to remove?
Was it a mistake?


removing a release is not an auto-edit, which means it takes up to 7 days to go through. (it’s quicker if you receive “yes” votes). could you please show us which release this is, so maybe we can help? :slight_smile:


I guess this is the album in question:

(the “new” user hasn’t done many edits)

It looks like you tried to remove the release and the release group it is contained in, but cancelled those edits.
But it’s not the best plan to remove it and start anew. It would be better to repair it. It seems to be an existing release. You added images.
And if you really like to remove an item … see above


they added a front cover, @dragonzeron added the rest of the images from VGMdb using a script

the release looks good to me, save for the fact that the titles are in Latin/romanji script. they’re in Japanese on the back cover scans added by dragon. could be good to transfer the tracklist and release title to a pseudo-release, where transliterations and translations belong


…from what I can see, that’s what it was about. The track titles are not Latin on the CD release. The second medium should have replaced the first.

ahh, I see… the second medium edit was canceled when they deleted their account, maybe? either way, should be an easy edit. I might just do that sometime tonight, if no one else beats me to it… :wink:


The removal edit was pending 7 days.

Yes because deleting your account cancelled all of your pending edits. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: