Missing mediums: what went wrong?

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I needed to add the Premium Edition of this release:

So I made the new release, told it to the use the 4 CD version as the starting point, saw that the four existing mediums were there, and added the 2 additional mediums. Everything looked great until I entered the edit and saw that there were only the two mediums actually saved:

I’ve poked at adding the other mediums back in one at a time, but anything I add gets classified as Medium 7, and even when I reorder them it’s still Mediums 5-7. There’s no way to recreate the first four. What the heck???

I stayed up late just getting all the new artists entered. Hopefully I can clean it up tomorrow…


Current mediums are 5 and 6, so any medium you add will default at position 7.
Just play with arrow buttons to shift the mediums until they eventually reach the desired position.
Missing mediums when you add a release is a known bug, unfortunately. It never happened to me, though.


[quote=“jesus2099, post:2, topic:144629, full:true”]Missing mediums when you add a release is a known bug, unfortunately. It never happened to me, though.

I assume this is the bug you’re talking about?


It’s more likely that it was MBS-7894 in this case, where collapsed mediums from a “based-on” release are ignored. Workaround is to manually expand them before submitting.


Ok, I’m glad it’s s known bug and I’m not crazy. :slight_smile:

I think I might solve it by making another release and merging.


As it seems that you are not adding the Disc IDs (CD TOC), you can simply edit the release and press the Add Medium button of the tracklist tab, four times, and then order them appropriately.



I thought moving the mediums wasn’t working at first, but that’s because instead of changing the position of only the medium you’re moving, it changes the position of all of them, moving the others down. It makes sense if you have all the mediums present and are just rearranging them, but it’s weird when you’re trying to fill in gaps.