Miss Marple Series

@indy133 this is the strict publication order of the Miss Marple works:


  1. The Tuesday Night Club - The Royal Magazine, December 1927 (SS) (TTP)
  2. The Idol House of Astarte - The Royal Magazine, January 1928 (SS) (TTP)
  3. Ingots of Gold - The Royal Magazine, February 1928 (SS) (TTP)
  4. The Blood-Stained Pavement - The Royal Magazine, March 1928 (SS) (TTP)
  5. Motive v. Opportunity - The Royal Magazine, April 1928 (SS) (TTP)
  6. The Thumb Mark of Saint Peter - The Royal Magazine, May 1928 (SS) (TTP)
  7. The Blue Geranium - The Story-teller, December 1929 (SS) (TTP)
  8. The Four Suspects - Pictorial Review, January 1930 (SS) (TTP)
  9. The Hat and the Alibi (aka A Christmas Tragedy) - The Story-teller, January 1930 (SS) (TTP)
  10. The Resurrection of Amy Durrant (aka The Companion) - The Story-teller, February 1930 (SS) (TTP)
  11. The Herb of Death - The Story-teller, March 1930 (SS) (TTP)
  12. The Affair at the Bungalow - The Story-teller, May 1930 (SS) (TTP)
  13. The Murder at the Vicarage - October 1930 (N)
  14. Death by Drowning - Nash’s-Pall Mall Magazine, November 1931 (SS) (TTP)
  15. Miss Marple Tells a Story - Home Journal, 15 May 1935 (SS) (TRM, MMFC)
  16. The Case of the Caretaker - The Strand Magazine, January 1941 (SS) (TBM, MMFC)
  17. Strange Jest (aka A Case of Buried Treasure) - This Week, 2 November 1941 (SS) (TBM, MMFC)
  18. Tape-Measure Murder - This Week, 16 November 1941 (SS) (TBM, MMFC)
  19. The Body in the Library - February 1942 (N)
  20. The Case of the Perfect Maid - The Strand Magazine, April 1942 (SS) (TBM, MMFC)
  21. The Moving Finger - July 1942 (N)
  22. A Murder Is Announced - June 1950 (N)
  23. They Do It with Mirrors - 1952 (N)
  24. A Pocket Full of Rye - 9 November 1953 (N)
  25. Sanctuary (aka Murder at the Vicarage) - This Week, 12 September to 19 September 1954 (SS) (DS, MMFC)
  26. 4.50 from Paddington - 4 November 1957 (N)
  27. Greenshaw’s Folly - Daily Mail, December 1956 (SS) (TACP, DS)
  28. The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side - 12 November 1962 (N)
  29. A Caribbean Mystery - 16 November 1964 (N)
  30. At Bertram’s Hotel - 15 November 1965 (N)
  31. Nemesis - November 1971 (N)
  32. Sleeping Murder: Miss Marple’s Last Case - October 1976 (N)

SS = Short Story
N= Novel

TTP = The Thirteen Problems, June 1932 (UK)
TRM = The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories, June 1939 (USA)
TBM = Three Blind Mice and Other Stories, 1950 (USA)
TACP = The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding, 24 October 1960 (UK)
DS = Double Sin and Other Stories, 1961 (USA)
MMFC = Miss Marple’s Final Cases and Two Other Stories, October 1979 (UK)


Nice work, great!
So let’s think about the way how to add these works to the series.
For first, I think we should seperate novels and short stories.
How about adding the novels with 1,2,3 and the short stories (or better short fiction) with S1, S2, S3
It’s obvious that we only can add numbers to the short stories, when we have a complete list with all dates. This will be tricky or even impossible in other cases.
And we should add the collections to the series notes.


I like the idea of the S prefix to denote short stories.

My idea was to number the novels and just forget about numbering the short stories, but I think your idea is better as long as other users know what we mean!

I should have tried that fix before replying, but it is possible to use alpha numerics in Series numbering.

I have just run a test on a few Works and this is what it would look like:

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Yes, this will be the common way to add short stories.

Let’s do it this way :wink:

Which way: S prefix or no numbering of short stories?

The reply was for your picture. So let’s do it with the prefix…

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great job…looks fine :champagne:


Thanks. I hope that is a bottle of 1959 Dom Perignon that you’re giving away.


You two are amazing, great job :grin:


I’ve finally added all of the Works for Hercule Poirot and he is a little bit more complex when it comes to ordering the Series as there are novels, novellas, and short stories: Hercule Poirot (Series) – BookBrainz

I thought I would order the novels 1, 2, 3, etc., the novellas as NA1, NA2, NA3, etc., and the short stories as S1, S2, S3, etc.

Does that sound logical?:crazy_face:


Great job again :cherries:
I’m not quite sure if we should split short stories and novellas or just use the “S” for short fiction in general.
I’m just thinking about other terms we will have to deal with like “novelette”, “short prose” and in German you will have “Novelle”, “Erzählung” and “Kurzroman”.
I think the easiest way that works for all languages is: We just use “N” and “S”, Novels and Short Fiction"

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I reckon you are correct as introducing more abbreviations can be confusing especially for non-English speakers.

I have never used N which I think is covered by 1, 2, 3. I feel the meaning is tacit and using abbreviations for novels is superfluous. It is the short fiction that requires differentiation.

Thanks for your feedback as always.

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You’re right of course. My bad :wink:

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