Minor faults in an album, how do I fix them?

It has the tag “album artist”, with small letters, in addition to the capitalized one. And in the capitalized one the band name doesn’t have “The” in the front, saving it to the wrong folder as a result. I’m not sure how to fix the tags, so if anyone can explain it, it would be great.

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looking at the release scans on Discogs, that’s actually correct by MusicBrainz standards, as there’s no “The” on the album cover

if you want to fix it, there’s two* options:

  • I noticed there’s several releases which do have the “The” in that same release group, so you could use one of those instead
  • you could go to Options → Metadata → “Use standardized artist names”. that will change the artist names as credited to the name of the MusicBrainz artist. usually it’s accurate, but there will be some oddities. for example, The Jackson 5 will be changed to The Jacksons, as the group was renamed (there was discussion, if you’re interested)

*edit: I totally forgot about manually changing the tags, lol. thanks @IvanDobsky ~

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Load the album up in Picard,
Select the album on the right hand side,
Double Click in the Album Artist box when the The is missing,
Overwrite manually and correct the artist values by hand.
Hit Save.


Everything on the right can be manually changed with a double click.


Then we’re back to my old “quarrel” about Beatles or The Beatles. The band was named The Rolling Stones. It doesn’t really matter what’s on the cover, as long as the sorting gets messed up because of the omission of The. As I said, it ends up in it’s own folder, separate from all the other albums of the band. It’s not that I don’t see your point, but this is an “invisible” tag, which only function, as fra as Picard is concerned. is to decide the name of the folder to place it in.

Yeah, that’s what I did, and do to a lot of band names, to get them in the folders I want them in. John Lennon, Yoko Ono, The Plastic Ono Band, and probably more. hehe

MusicBrainz is a database first, a tagging resource second.

To always use the same name for an artist, regardless of how they were credited, you can set Picard (or any other tool/resource that uses MB) to use the artist sort name instead. Then we can have it both ways :+1:


Maybe Picard should be set up with that as default? I would think most people would like to save their ripped albums under the correct artist? :slight_smile: