Ministry of sound releases changes

For cases like this, I think it follows clearly from the guidelines that “Ministry of sound” should not be part of the title.

For the cases where the info on front cover and spine differs, I seem to recall that some autoeditor once told me that precedence goes to the front cover.

I think this is right, but maybe use the spine if it has more info?

Regarding the MoS releases, I’d just point out that situations like these could be more easily resolved if we had different fields for pre-titles, main titles and subtitles. For example, the title Ministry of Sound: UK Garage: The Album: The Sound of 2000 could be split up into:

Ministry of Sound <−−−−−−−−− (pre-title)
UK Garage: The Album <−−−− (main title)
The Sound of 2000 <−−−−−−−− (subtitle)

Also in that example I feel that “Ministry of Sound” is the label and should not be part of the title by our guidelines. It is clearly the logo of the label.

No one’s saying that Ministry of Sound is not a label. Because it’s displayed so prominently, some people think it should be included as part of the release title, in addition to being added as the release label.

And the edit wars begin. By people that no doubt care very little for these releases.

Again this is simply reverting back the the agreed guidelines for this label from 2011
It is generally agreed among most MusicBrainz editors (and is currently common practice) that “most” Ministry of Sound compilations should include the name of the label as part of the release title although, this may change in the future. See Ministry of Sound MusicBrainz series."

I must say that as someone who has collected every single one of these releases, that I much prefer Ministry of Sound to be in the title. Can’t comment on the guidelines though.