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I’m a long Spotify user (6 years), today I want to build my own library.
I’m a very beginner with tagging metadata, etc.

I have a small problem. For example, in this Various artits compilation, it misses some metadata for 4-5 tracks :

I clicked multiple times ont Lookup / Scan but nothing happens. If I do a manual search on MusicBrainz I found the track, for example, for Pietro Lambard - Macarena :

Had I mised something or don’t understand something ?
Thank you =)

I have no suggestions specific to your use case, but in general I suggest that you might want to have a look at the Picard User Guide, which will provide some information about the things that Picard can (and cannot) do, and recommended bast practices for processing your music collection.

Actually it seems Picard couldn’t load those 4 files, you can right-click on each of them to show context menu and select Info dialog, it should show which error happened.

You can also enable debug mode and check detailed log.

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