MetaBrainz Projects Merchandise

Hello everyone. We just updated our RedBubble store. It has some really cool MetaBrainz merchandise like t-shirts, stickers, mugs (you should definitely have this one), notebooks and much more.

We have some limited designs as of now. Feel free to request artwork for merchandise here. What else would you like to have up on the store? Some more t-shirts? If so, what would you like the tshirts to say. And so on.

Here is the link of the store. As a sidenote, all the prices are the base prices of the seller, no markup from our side.


It’s hard to see all the combinations; on the ipad at least, you get a handful of products with no clear means of scrolling through them. Even with a filter, youdon’t get everything.

Larger sizes would be nice.

For the zippered hoodies, it seems to make more sense to have the large logo on the back rather than bisecting it on the front (plus perhaps a small logo on the top right of the front; either the same logo, or always metabrainz?)

Hi @Zastai. :slight_smile:
About the view, I agree. Redbubble has some weird way of displaying and navigating through products. Even, uploading is weird, and I struggle at times. I don’t think there is much we can do about this.

The best way I found to view all combinations was to click on a product and choose, show all products. Screenshot:
I hope this helps!

Yes, it makes more sense. I have changed it, it’s not reflecting the changes yet. In our experience, it usually takes them a day or two to reflect. I will check again to make sure it’s working.