MetaBrainz Picard breaks my music

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I am new here so please forgive my ignorance, but I just downloaded MetaBrainz Picard for the sole purpose of adding album art and adjusting music file properties. Everything MetaBrainz Picard does appears to be great on my laptop while playing my music using MediaPlayer or Groove but as soon as I put the micro-SD card into my Jolike MP5 player every song that MetaBrainz touched just freezes. My MP3 player just locks up but only on the songs that MetaBrainz touched.

Any ideas?

Are you editing MP3 files only?
Check in Options… → Tags → Tag Compatibility if ID3v2 Version is set to 2.4. It’s possible your player only supports ID3v2.3. If it’s set to 2.4, try changing it to 2.3 and re-tagging the files.


Another reason could actually be the album art. Some portable players don’t deal with with cover art embedded into the files and/or too large cover art.

Try not to add the cover art to tags and see if this makes the files work. If this worktry limiting the sizes of cover art. If you use the cover art archive you can select the preferred size in Picard’s options.