Merging release groups created by Discogs import script from GitHub /murdos/musicbrainz-userscripts

I have used the Discogs import script from to import a few releases that weren’t already here (mostly old vinyl).

The script seems to tend to create NEW release groups, instead of locating EXISTING release-groups (which discogs calls ‘masters’), to file the individual release into.

  • Is this avoidable?
  • If I need to edit the data, after the submission, and MERGE two release groups, or MOVE a release into a different release-group — can you point me to the documentation on how to do this?

(I see the documentation for how to merge two releases, but I want to merge two release-groups, which seems like a different task. Maybe I just missed it.) Thank you.

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it’s not the fault of the script, it’s just too easy to skip a step of matching the Release Group to the existing one.
See Merging Two Releases Where Format is Only Difference - #6 by Zas

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Let the script the time to search for a MusicBrainz release group that would be linked to its master release.
When it finds one, there is a release group icon next to All versions of this release:

Then when you click Import into MB, you should see a green release group field, meaning that you will not create a duplicate:

(Firefox for Android 68.11.0)


Thanks for your additions!!

Follow the same steps as for merging releases - just from the release group pages/urls. They will also have a ‘merge’ link at the bottom right.

Does that help?

If you can recommend any specific changes to the doc that would have helped then maybe we can make a change there :grin:


I don’t know who actively develops the Discogs importer, now.
But, it’s very true that most duplicate release groups I see nowadays are created by this.

Maybe the script should wait for the release group search to have ended before enabling the Import button?

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I’ve never seen the MB icon appearing next to the MR link on the Discogs release pages using the Linux or Win desktops. Maybe it used to, before the latest discogs release page freaked update? But I can’t remember ever seeing it.
When already at MB import/edit page, the RG box going green automagically is a matter of hit and miss. Just need to be careful and keep checking until we get a warning feature :slight_smile:

Try to go to a famous artist release Discogs page you have never been before (because MB links are cached) and wait that all Discogs entities get an MB icon, one after the other each 1 second.
After a while, there should be either a purple icon of just a grey search icon if this Discogs stuff is not linked anywhere in MB.

I know. But I can wait all day long and it’s not happening, the spot next to MR link stays blank.


Because it is the other master release link in the sidebar which gets the MB icon :innocent:



Ouch. I feel real dumb now :rofl: