Merging recordings - does disambiguation text get merged?

When two recordings merge, what happens to the disambiguation text?

If track A has disambiguation text, and is merged into track B which has nothing in the disambiguation, does this mean the final result gets that disambiguation text?

If both tracks have disambiguation text when merging, will the result get both pieces of text added together?

Or do I need to transfer that kind of info by hand?



This field is not transfered to merge target.
If you want to set it to target, please do so as non auto edit (there is a check box for this), so that it can be pending at approx the same time as the merge.
So if the merge is proved wrong, you can also cancel the comment edit.


Thanks for confirming that. In this example it has nudged me to do deeper research and linking.

So now I am rattling through the TARGET release here and updating its annotation notes. In this case I now have proper cover image to work with, and cross checks at both Whackipedia and Discogs.

Which makes me much happier that all is well here.

Now much happier. There is a kind of waterfall trickle of merges happening. I started from some identical releases are having recordings merged. Then added a an extended version merging in extra recordings.

And these releases merge into another newer set of those same recordings packaged in a different order for a different release.

By checking those recording dates on all tracks I know this is merging correctly. Though some will merge more than once.

Next step is getting that disambiguation text correctly credited in the recordings and works level…

In the test server you can immediately apply edits that would normally be queued, which is handy for verifying questions like this.