Merging duplicate artist

I’ve been trying to do what I can adding missing releases and information to musicbrainz, but I’m not so sure about merging. I believe these are duplicates. Same artist, only one release with same name, same year, and only 1 track and same. Dreamstate Feat. Elize Ryd - Evolution - YouTube Music video for the only song listed for reference.
Would someone with more experience be willing to look and merge/remove if needed? Sorry if this isn’t the right place to ask.

Thank you!

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You’re absolutely correct - thanks for flagging it!

Opened edit #96153337, edit #96153375 and edit #96153415.

I also noticed that both the artist and the release got removed from Metal Archives, but I haven’t quite figured out why.


Thank you! I can’t vote yet, but I appreciate you fixing it!

Usually this is because something isn’t ‘metal’ enough :joy:

They go into detail on the subject in a way that should be very familiar to MB editors!

Listening to that YouTube clip I think it does lean heavily towards ‘hard-rock’, but I’m sure it could be argued back and forth forever…

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