Merging DJ-mix tracks with same fingerprint as normal one


Example here with CD 1 mixed and CD 2 not.
Should the tracks mixed which have same fingerpritns as the non mixed one be merged or not?

PS: If you dont have the addin to show them directly here are the tracks I m talking about

You have included no links so we don’t know what you are talking about.

If “mixed” just means gapless, then they are same recordings.

If “mixed” includes an overlap of the tunes where one is playing at the same time as the next one, then they are separate recordings.

As they are sharing fingerprints it sounds like they are not very mixed to me.

Sorry, here is it

I as kind of thinking to keep separated to avoid possible misleading that can end up to further errors.

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DJ-mixed tracks are meant to be kept separate. So unless we were 100% sure they’re just the same, I’d do that.

It depends really. AcoustID sometimes struggles (or at least used to struggle) with some differences - for example, two versions of the same song sharing an instrumental but with a slightly different vocalist would sometimes get the same AcoustID.

This is probably the better move. If listening to track 3 on its own from either disk sounds different to the ear at the start or end of the track, then they are separate recordings.