Merge "In Flight" and "Japanese Tears" by Denny Laine with Paul McCartney

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About these 2 release groups:

Seems to be different editions of same release (but with different tracks order). But this album is sometimes credited to “Denny Laine” and sometimes to “Denny Laine with Paul McCartney” on the front cover, on many different album title. Same release group in Discogs:

Can we merge these 2 release groups ? I don’t know the Musicbrainz policy in this case because we can’t change the credit between releases in a group…

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They look like they could merge. Same set of recordings being repackaged.

If anything, “Japanese Tears” should probably be credited to Denny Laine with Paul McCartney as all those examples show the pair of them on the cover. How many tracks does Paul appear on?

And yes, you can change the Release Group artist. Just hit EDIT at Release Group level.

It is also possible to have the main Release Group with one artist credit, and then the Release with a different credit.

With a release like this the question is - how much of it does Paul appear on? Or is his name just on the cover for promotional reasons?

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At the very least, the recordings should be merged, as long as they are the same and the whole thing wasn’t re-recorded or something :slight_smile:


You could merge it into JAPANESE TEARS by DENNY LAINE.
It’s the earliest and most frequent name.
In comment we could also add (aka GO NOW and IN FLIGHT).
And add two aliases as well but unfortunately those are not used by search yet.

Ok thank you for your comments.

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Paul is a writer of « Send me The Heart » and he play bass on « Send Me The Heart », « I Would Only Smile » and « Weep For Love ».

He is just a musician of the band, I don’t want to add Paul in release group artist name. I think his name is on re-released only for promotional reason. We can keep his name only on release which named him on the front cover.


That is what I thought was probably going on. I agree with your thoughts. The Release Group should be for Denny as it is really his release. The fact his old mate Paul played on a couple of tracks should not mean Paul gets credit for the whole release.

As you can see by the merge, the MB database is happy for this kind of naming to go on.

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