Merge candidate?

I’ve never done a merge, and I’m in search of education with regard to a particular album.

The second release listed in this RG has very little info, and what it has is conflicting. It was initially added with little more than a track list. Over the next few years, a release date (1976) was added, and a Disc ID, which can’t be compatible with the release date.

There are a bunch of edits to the works and relationships, but nothing else to distinguish this as a unique release, as far as I can tell.

It seems to me that it would be reasonable to merge this release with the 1976 vinyl release, if only to clean things up a bit. The incomplete release is in two peoples’ collections, and I don’t know what a merge would do to that.

Is merging the correct course of action here?

As the release has Disc ID, added very early, as original edits did not include references, notes nor any release info, it would be better to change it to CD release, rather than merge it with the LP release.
Release date should be removed.

Ok, I did that. Thanks.