MBZ keeps crashing

I am attempting to organize all my flac music files using MBZ.

I have all my Music on an external USB Hard Drive. In total, it’s about 170GB worth of files.

When I upload the folder containing all my music which is organised by name of artist (folders) I first try to use the replay gain plugin to get all the audio matched in terms of volume. Every time I do this MBZ crashes eventually.

WHat am I doing wrong here? ANy tips are appreciated.

Best, bob

Did you really say “all”? BIG tip, don’t try and work on “all”. Cut up into smaller more manageable lumps.

I also assume you have a backup of that before you start in case of errors.


Is there a step-by-step (best practice) explanation of how to get your CDs fully processed from start(red icon) all the way to Perfect (Gold icon)?

You can have a look at the MB Picard documentation:


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