Maybe the same guy,? Second Opinion

Currently adding relations to b5e9b6ba-e7e7-4796-bb0e-6a9ddadbaad4, noticed that there two people named 大里正毅, 3c7ed729-88c1-4e81-95d7-a0921673374e and 67c6294e-d003-4e78-abc8-fd2dc9868d32, who I suspect are the same person. The 大里正毅 that I am looking for is credited as having arranged 赤塚不二夫 REMIX ビ−トボンボン by the “vgmdb” which 3c7ed729-88c1-4e81-95d7-a0921673374e is credited with. Thing is the 大里正毅 I’m looking for is supposed to have done recording for “resonance” by T.M.Revolution at ABS Recording which 67c6294e-d003-4e78-abc8-fd2dc9868d32 is listed being an engineer at. 67c6294e-d003-4e78-abc8-fd2dc9868d32 seams to only have relations to works by “the GazettE” and a recoring credit for “M(A)DE IN JAPAN”. According to discogs the same 大里正毅 is responsible for recording both “resonance” and works by “the GazettE”.

Lot of relations involved so I wanted a second opinion before requesting a merger of the two. Better than having to then undue a spider web of relations.

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It’s a better idea to just link to the artist URLs instead of pasting the MBIDs. It’s easier for people to see what you’re talking about.
The artists in question:

Also for future reference, you don’t need to “request” a merge. You can just go ahead and enter the edit :wink:


Entering the edit my self is what I meant by requesting the merger. What I want today is a second opinion on weather they are in fact the same person. There are a lot relationships involved and don’t want to have to fix them later.


Just follow your gut. If they look the same, chances are they are.
Having to pause and ask other people’s opinions every time you make an edit is tedious. If you still have doubts about an edit after you’ve entered it, you can ask for opinions in our dedicated thread for such.

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If you don’t know, don’t merge.
It is easier to not merge now and merge later, than it is to merge now and unmerge later.

This isn’t Wikipedia. We don’t have an “undo” or “restore” button.

You can leave an annotation on each one. Saying something like “I suspect this artist may be that artist, but I cannot confirm at this point”


Please edit your post and paste full links instead of removing the start.
We cannot help you if we need to manually type URLs. :wink: was created as a keyboardist.

Maybe we should move recording and mixing relationships from him to the other, who was created as an engineer.

Because it’s likely that there is a keyboardist on one side and an sound engineer on the other.

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I want to second the advice that you have alternatives to doing a merge. One is to write an Annotation, as @justcheckingitout suggests. When I write an Annotation, I write a sentence that I can paste into the Annotations of both artists, and which includes links to both the Artist entries. It might go something like this:

大里正毅, engineer, ABS RECORDING, who is credited on some tracks by the GazettE, and 大里正毅, who is credited as recording engineer for some tracks by abingdon boys school, may be the same person.

Additionally, it is helpful to be sure that both entries have disambiguation comments. I notice that artist/3c7ed 大里正毅 does not yet have a disambiguation comment. I find that trying to find words for disambiguation comments to explain how two Artist entries differ can help make it clearer that they really are different, or conversely the difficulty finding words for disambiguation comments can be a sign that they might actually be the same person.

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Another thing to consider when merging artists is their edit history. I usually do this to check to see who that artist was initially intended to be. Sometimes artist entities get hijacked over time in favor of different artists by the same name.
I looked through the editing history of both those artists and it looks to me like they were both initially added as engineers. Perhaps they can be merged and the keyboard credit spun off into a separate artist?