Manuel Barruecos' classical redordings and its albumartist follow different pattern

I just wonder why these recordings don’'t have the composers in front of the musician:

The smal side of the album (spine?) says

Cantos y Danzas
Barrueco * Hendricks * Pahud

J.S. Bach: Sonatas

Mozart * Sor

Exception (leading componists):
Bach - De Visée

Is there a special reason to keep it under the name of the guitar player instead ?

Under his name there “non-classical” releases like
Manuel Barrueco plays Lennon & McCartney

Sometime Ago

Barrueco had a ton of stuff added many years ago and nobody has cleaned the stuff up, that’s the main reason :slight_smile:

ok, I’m going to fix the albumartists according my understanding of it

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